| Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

The following is a basic outline of our rates. Rates below are quoted for one dog. Discounts available for additional pets and multi-day bookings. 

All rates are subject to change at any time.

Please contact us so we can make a custom plan that works for you and your furry friends! 

Neighborho​od Visit


Approximately 30 mi​nutes

Park Visit


Approximately 1  hour

Dog Park Adventure


Approximately 2 hours

Pet Sitting


Per Day - Includes Two 30-Minute Visits


Per Day - Includes Three 30-Minute Visits

$5 per Additional Pet

Overnight Pet Sitting


Per Day - Includes Overnight Stay with Morning & Evening Walk


Per Day - Includes Additional Afternoon Visit

$5 per Additional Pet



Per Hour

Cat Visit


Approximately 30 minutes

| Policies

Payment is due at or prior to the time of the commencement of services unless explicitly agreed upon supplementary payment terms.

Appointments/Visits for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday must be made and confirmed by 5:00 pm on Thursday Evening.

We require a minimum 24-hour notice for any cancellations. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to appointment will be billed at the normal rate.

Holiday Cancellations & Multi-Day Service Cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to the scheduled service rate. All cancellations made less than 72 hours prior will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. 

A minimum charge of $5 will be added to our regular rates for services outside of our normal service area, as well as for puppies.

The following Holidays, including 3 days before and after the day of the holiday, will incur a $10 per day fee:

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

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| Your Pets Are Our Business

We aren't a doggy daycare, we are caregivers for dogs. We interact and play with your pets and provide the much-needed one on one time and socialization with other pets.

We know how important it is to you that your pets are taken care of. Whether you're in need of pet sitting or dog walking, Life's Ruff provides high-quality personalized care and will treat your pets like family.

For More Information and Inquiries, Please Call Us

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